A LEADS Global One-Week Leadership Challenge Program

A LEADS Global One-Week Leadership Challenge Program: for organizations that wish to apply a leadership lens to a future organizational challenge.

Building on how LEADS can be put to work as a change leadership model, this program would centre around new or recent global health leadership challenges and what has been or is being learned about leading transformational change. These live case studies will be based on an up-to-date evidence brief sponsored by the health organization(s) most directly interested or concerned.  Leadership challenges in early 2020 that are global in scope might include: harnessing Artificial (or Augmented) Intelligence (AI) in service of health; leading through epidemics/pandemics (SARS; COVID-19); or supporting psychological health in the workplace. However, whatever challenges are facing a particular organization can become the focal point of the program.

It is recommended that the leaders who are ultimately responsible for addressing the challenge participate in the program.

Workshops delivered in Partnership with the Health Standards Organization’s Learning Resources & Training department. https://healthstandards.org/quality-improvement-support/

LEADS Global partners with the Health Standards Organization’s (HSO) Learning and Resources department to design and develop leadership programs for international organizations, and with International Accreditation to deliver them.  On-site programs have been offered in the following countries:

The following programs are offered (NOTE: These programs can be customized to suit client needs. Additional online elements can also be added). IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN ANY OF THESE PROGRAMS, PLEASE CONTACT US.

Growing Quality Through the Lens of Leadership

Leadership is the primary enabler of effective organizational results. This workshop describes the standards of quality expected of health organizations by International Accreditation and shows how a leadership lens, when brought to the challenge of creating quality systems in organizations, can generate a strong quality program.

Health Care Leaders of Tomorrow

This two-day workshop is designed to support leadership in a health care organization by introducing them to the capabilities of leadership found in the LEADS in a Caring Environment framework. The leadership and governance standards of the Qmentum International Accreditation process are highly consistent with LEADS. Participants will be guided through interactive exercises enabling them to directly experience and reflect on their practice of self-leadership, interpersonal leadership and strategic leadership; such as self-awareness and self-management, engaging staff and clinicians, achieving results in a health organizational context, building coalitions across organizations, and creating system change. The workshop invites the participants to examine their own leadership practices and design a plan for personal improvement.

Physician Engagement for Quality Improvement

This two-day, interactive workshop is to address the challenge of engaging physicians in patient safety and quality improvement initiatives and/or working on organizational teams aimed at meeting patient safety and quality improvement standards for accreditation.

Building High Performance Teams in Health Care.

This workshop is designed to support leadership in a health care organization in building high performance teams. Participants will be guided through interactive exercises enabling them to directly experience and reflect on the high performance practices and behaviors, such as gaining understanding on the values upon which team is founded, importance of diversity in teams, and effective management. The workshop invites the participants to address communication and conflict management issues in teams.

Leading Change

This two-day, interactive workshop equips the participants with key principles, practices, techniques, and strategies to lead the improvement process within their own organization, and 

provides guidance on how to use the accreditation process to effectively facilitate and lead organizational changes. 

Effective Communication for Engaging Others in Organizations

Engaging others, both internally and externally, is one of the biggest challenges health care organizations face in today’s increasingly complex times with many competing priorities. Now, more than ever, communication is key. With a focus on the Engage Others domain in Canada’s LEADS in a Caring Environment capability framework, this one-day workshop explores how dialogue techniques, simple communication models, purposeful communication planning and the thoughtful use of social media can help break down communication barriers, build trust and improve engagement among both employees and stakeholders.

Mobilizing Knowledge for Innovation and Change (1 day)

Knowledge has power. It is the driver of innovation and change. Knowledge takes many forms:  scientific evidence with respect to clinical protocols or drug therapies, knowledge of organizational priorities, knowledge of environmental trends and challenges. The leader’s job is to identify, access, assess, and then mobilize relevant knowledge to improve, through all the levers at his or her disposal, services to patients.

In the modern world in which knowledge is exponentially growing, most of us are buried in knowledge. The leader’s role is to sift through that mountain of information and apply relevant knowledge to change current practice, innovate, and improve health services, while maintaining the values and important practices of the past. Every organization needs a knowledge mobilization strategy and action plan to reap the benefits of the wealth of knowledge available to us in the modern world. 

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