Terri Porter

Terri Potter is the Chief Executive Officer at the Alberta College of Family Physicians. Terri provides a vignette in this chapter that outlines how the ACFP has used LEADS to help primary care physicians in Alberta operationalize them as physician leaders; and also to enable them to engage, using a common vocabulary, with other leaders …

Peter Martin, M.Ed.

Peter is currently the Health Services Administrator for Chetwynd and Tumbler Ridge, two small communities in BC’s Northeast. He is responsible for curriculum development and program planning for Northern Health’s management and leadership development program.

Dr. Owen Tavor

Dr. Owen Tavor is a Staff Physician at Tel Aviv Medical center, and Project Director at the Ministry of Health for the National Physician Leadership Training program in Israel. He used LEADS as a resource to inform the development of that program.

Mike Villeneuve

Mike Villeneuve is the Chief Executive Officer at e Canadian Nurses’ Association and a Lecturer in the Master of Nursing Program at the University of Toronto. Mike tells us how the Canadian Nurses’ Association is developing a leadership strategy, using LEADS, for the profession.

Dr. Carolyn Pullen

Dr. Carolyn Pullen is the Chief Executive officer of the Canadian Cardiovascular Society, located in Ottawa Canada. She tells us a story about the challenges of women pursuing leadership roles.

Lea Bryden

Lea Bryden is the CEO of the Medical Society of Prince Edward Island. She has been instrumental in championing meaningful leadership development for her Medical Society. Lea provides a vignette outlining how the PEI Medical Association has used a LEADS-based leadership program to develop physician leadership capacity in PEI.

Dr. Gillian Kernaghan

Dr. Gillian Kernaghan is President and CEO of St. Joseph’s Health Care in London, Ontario. St. Joseph’s is a multi-sited, academic health care organization serving London and the region. She has also served as the Co-Chair of the Canadian Leadership Network, and President of the Canadian Society of Physician Leaders. Gillian provides a vignette outlining …

Karen Baillie

Karen Baillie is the Chief Executive Officer of Menno Place, a campus of care operated by the Mennonite Benevolent Society in Abbotsford, British Columbia. She provides a case study of how LEADS was used in her organization.

Stewart Dickson

Stewart Dickson is s a Regional Treaty Negotiator (Skeena) for the Ministry of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation, in the British Columbia Public Service. Stewart describes a LEADS program offered in Uganda to senior leaders from the Uganda Alliance of Patient Organizations.

David Sweeney

David Sweeney is the Director of Leadership at the New South Wales Health Education and Training Institute. He provides a case study to show how HETI uses its leadership framework for state-wide developmental purposes.

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