What is Knowledge Mobilization?

Knowledge mobilization is the ability to move knowledge – from research, experience, field testing, etc. – to active use. It is especially difficult in a coalition where knowledge may be a commodity that is protected. To learn more about knowledge mobilization, read the following article: https://carleton.ca/communityfirst/2014/so-what-the-heck-is-knowledge-mobilization-and-why-should-i-care/

Reflective Research – Leaders Mobilize Knowledge (T-16)

Explore the following website: http://www.kmbtoolkit.ca/planning Consider the four actions described in the LEADS Link. Consider, can you use any of the processes here to expand knowledge mobilization within a coalition you are a part of? Please upload your reflection below.

Leaders Orchestrate

An orchestra is a large ensemble of instrumentalists, especially one where the members play a variety of different instruments. Amazingly, an orchestra combines these multiple different instruments into a cohesive, pleasant listening experience (that is, if you appreciate classical music). Thus to “orchestrate” is to design or organize something, like a plan or a project, …

Trek Objectives – Leaders Orchestrate Conflict (T-19)

Trek Overview Domain: Develop CoalitionsCapability: Navigate Socio-Political Environments This Trek focuses on how leaders can engage with conflict to enhance organizational performance. By the end of this Trek the learner will be able to: Define what is meant by the term “orchestrate” Determine the difference between conflict resolution and conflict engagement Apply dialectical thinking to …

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