What is the Hero’s Journey?

All those who aspire to improving their leadership can be described as ‘heroes’ because to continue to grow your leadership capacity, you are encouraged to enter into a lifelong journey of personal growth and development. The Hero’s Journey is a program of self-directed learning as you move through a series of micro-learning Treks.

About the Journey…

Our Hero’s Journey Treks are based on LEADS. Each trek enables you to grow your leadership capacity by traveling through a series of learning episodes that utilize your workplace as a source of learning. Each trek that strengthens your knowledge, skills and capabilities of leadership.

How to navigate the journey:

Complete the initial mandatory 3 Chapters and 3 Treks to earn Leadership Currency (LC), then use your earned Leadership Currency (LC) to buy additional Treks that interest you most. To arrive at your destination you will complete 7 Chapters and 18 treks, earning you a Global Health Leader certificate. As you earn points, additional mandatory Chapters and Treks will periodically be added to your dashboard.

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