Terri Potter

Terri Potter is the Chief Executive Officer at the Alberta College of Family Physicians. Terri provides a vignette in this chapter that outlines how the ACFP has used LEADS to help primary care physicians in Alberta operationalize them as physician leaders; and also to enable them to engage, using a common vocabulary, with other leaders …

John(ny) Van Aerde

Dr. Van Aerde is the Editor-In-Chief for the Canadian Journal of Physician Leadership, sponsored by the Canadian Society of Physician Leaders. He is active as an instructor for the Physician Leadership Institute sponsored by Joule (a subsidiary of the Canadian Medical Association); and as a LEADS facilitator, affiliated with LEADS Canada. He has published extensively …

Dr. Alika LaFontaine

Dr. Alika Lafontaine is Associate Clinical Professor in the Department of Anesthesia and Pain Medicine at the University of Alberta. He co-led the Indigenous Health Alliance in Canada (2013–2017) and continues to work tirelessly to support positive transformation of Indigenous health systems across Canada.

Caroline Lidstone-Jones

Caroline currently works as a senior consultant for Better Together Health Solutions. Prior to this she was Chief Quality Officer and Operating for Weeneebayko Area Health Authority.

Karen Lawford (PhD)

Karen is a Registered Midwife in Ontario and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Gender Studies at Queen’s University.

Cathy Cole

Cathy, in her role on the Client and Family Centred Care Core Team is committed to putting patients and their families at the centre of care and service. She—and they–recognize patients and families as integral members of the care team.

Heather Thiessen

Heather has sat on many advisory committees, and has been involved in people-centred care eduation. She co-chairs the SHA’s new Patient and Family Leadership Council; and helps develop orientation programs for all new Patient and Family Advisors, as well as new employees in SHA. She also works with the Health Standards Organization in people-centred care.

Stevie Colvin

Stevie was previously responsible for leadership development at AHS, and is an experienced executive coach, as well as an organizational leader. She has been instrumental is stewarding AHS forward in the use of LEADS since 2011; and is now active nationally as well within the Canadian Health Leadership Network.

Sharon Bishop

Sharon is the Director, Organizational Culture for the newly created province-wide Saskatchewan Health Authority in Canada. Sharon, also a registered nurse has been active throughout the various stages of embedding LEADS into the new Saskatchewan Health Authority’s People Strategy and talent management work. She used LEADS and its related programs to assist the SHA in …

Donald J. Philippon

Don has held senior leadership positions spanning health services operations, the university and government, including Deputy Minister of Health in Alberta, Don Philippon was also one of the founders of the Canadian Health Leadership Network (CHLNet). In his academic pursuits he focuses on researching and teaching about health systems across the globe. Don also was …

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