LEADS Framework Development and Implementation

  • Adaptation to national context
  • Evidence-based resources
  • “Home-grown” evidence-based framework

Leadership Development Support

  • National leadership development
  • Customized LEADS based programs
  • A LEADS approach to create healthy workplaces
  • A LEADS approach to change: organizational and system change
  • Face-to-face and online education opportunities to grow and develop your staff, clinicians, and stakeholders with respect to the leadership qualities needed to create healthy workplaces and generate meaningful change. Offered by the highest quality leadership facilitators from both Canada and abroad.
  • Personal leadership development (self-directed, strength-based, and personally accountable approaches)
  • Creating healthy workplaces (formal and informal leadership practices that generate healthy and productive work environments, particularly with diverse workforces)
  • Generating capacity for organizational change (combining change leadership and change management to generate sustainable change in quality improvement, physician engagement, strategic thinking, etc.)
  • Facilitating national initiatives re leadership and change (building partnerships and networks to align action for change).

International LEADS License

  • Negotiate a license to use the LEADS framework for internal leadership development, and/or to customize it to your national culture and context. When combined with a customized LEADS Internal Facilitator program, you can become the engine of leadership development within your own organization, or aspire to initiate broader leadership development action in partnership with other enterprises in your country.

Customized Internal LEADS Facilitator Program

  • Develop your own internal resource team to offer LEADS solutions. LEADS Global, working with LEADS Canada, provides a LEADS internal facilitator program to grow internal LEADS facilitators that can, under a license with LEADS Global, develop and deliver LEADS programs for their own organizational clients.

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