Every year we will sponsor a retreat hosted by a leader—or team of leaders—who bring health leadership to life in their work (LEADS in action). Rather than have a regimented program, the retreat will facilitate dialogue and knowledge sharing between participants and facilitators in an inviting and stimulating context. We want to learn about LEADS from you as well as you learn from us! Indeed, tell us who you would like to connect with, and we will do our best to arrange it. Our website will provide all of the details for each retreat.

LEADS and Golf: Lower Your Handicap in Both!

How is Bringing Leadership of Life a lot like playing a great game of golf? Find out at this year’s retreat. It will be hosted by Bringing Leadership to Life co-authors, Bill Tholl and Graham Dickson; and feature also the CEO of the Canadian College of Health Leaders, Alain Doucet (an avid golfer). Bill is a former amateur golf champion and a scratch golfer. The program will include morning sessions on LEADS, as practiced in the senior leadership suite; and the afternoons will be on the golf course. Similarities between the two activities will be explored and tactics to lower your handicap in both will be practiced. Details to follow, please express your interest in the Get in Touch form below.

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