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Bringing Leadership to Life: The Hero’s Journey

Bringing leadership to Life in Health: LEADS in a Caring Environment.


To Help Healthcare Systems Around the World

LEADS Global is dedicated to sharing our experience with using LEADS to catalyze health leadership across the globe.

The LEADS Family

LEADS is built upon collaboration across the world

International Partners

We collaborate across the globe

Canadian Partners

We collaborate domestically

Leads Global Associates

Highly qualified healthcare leaders

LEADS in Canada

Endorsed by about 70% of health authorities

Dr. Graham Dickson

Created in 2006 with principal investigator Dr. Graham Dickson

LEADS has Evolved

Implemented by health leaders & scientifically measured

About the LEADS Framework

LEADS has been evolved by health leaders, implemented and scientifically measured



Bringing Leadership to life in Health

The Hero's Journey:

Online, on Demand micro learning & credentialing

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What People are saying about us

The LEADS learning program has been integral in further developing my confidence in supporting and empowering others around me. It is well-structured with various learning modules, each containing didactics followed by activities to reflect, apply, and assess key concepts of the LEADS framework. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the different leadership models, theories and frameworks from the didactics and applying them to my clinical practice. All of these activities made for an insightful, invaluable and impactful learning experience for myself as well as a lasting and positive spark in others during the process. I highly recommend this program for everyone as it teaches a lot about leadership and about self through reflection.

Dr. Anthony Lau

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