The Canadian LEADS in a Caring Environment Framework was created in 2006 with Dr. Graham Dickson as the Principal Investigator. In Canada, the LEADS Framework is used by most national members of the Canadian Health Leadership Network, multiple professional bodies, the Canadian College of Health Leaders (under the banner of LEADS Canada (click here) and endorsed by about 70% of health authorities in Canada for organizational leadership development as well as many facets of organizational talent management.

LEADS Global is an organization dedicated to sharing, with willing international partners, our experience with using LEADS to catalyze health leadership across the globe. In partnership with LEADS Canada, and led by a team of experienced health leaders, from Canada and abroad, LEADS Global is dedicated to building an understanding of moral and ethical leadership and how to enact it for the betterment of health care across the world. LEADS Global provides consulting services for international clients so they can either adapt or use the LEADS framework to grow internal, contextually sensitive leadership talent management solutions for their healthcare leaders. It also provides:

  • Leadership learning and certification: online, on demand, micro learning customized to you  (click here)
  • Licenses to adapt/use the LEADS framework by universities, associations, national heath systems, or health organizations who wish to develop their own talent management strategy enterprise wide.
  • Opportunities (by working with the Canadian Health Leadership Network) to catalyze research into health leadership itself, and to engage leadership development experts from multiple countries in a dialogue about how to build future health leaders.
  • Customized learning experiences for organizations outside of Canada to enhance their leadership capabilities based on the LEADS Framework (including self-directed development approaches, online courses, individual coaching, and tailored LEADS-based seminars and workshops (click here).

LEADS Global is also developing formal certification opportunities through working with Canadian and international partners.

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