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The LEADS in a Caring Environment capabilities framework (LEADS) is a ‘by health, for health’ outline of leadership capabilities health leaders need to be successful in integrating service, creating psychologically healthy workplaces, and generating long-term change and reform. Alberta Health Services, in Canada, has used LEADS successfully to grow leadership capacity in that province. A case study pertaining to their experience is found in Chapter 12 (click here). You can adapt some of their lessons to your international context (click here).

Here is an excerpt video they created to explain the five domains and 20 capabilities of LEADS to their leadership care.


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You know the challenges. You know the world is changing fast and you need to be able to respond at lightning speed to ever-shifting demands and contexts. To respond leaders today must coach and inspire people to continually improve and strive for excellence. They must be systems thinkers and change champions.


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Diversity and inclusion—as well as being moral—is good business. Studies show that organizations with strong diversity programs outperform organizations without them. A diverse formal leadership team, that models how to be inclusive and sensitive to diverse perspectives, is fundamental for a health system to serve our distinct health care populations. Currently, statistics show that most health systems are woefully inadequate in creating diverse leadership teams.

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