What is the Hero’s Journey?

All those who aspire to improving their leadership can be described as ‘heroes’ because to continue to grow your leadership capacity, you are encouraged to enter into a lifelong journey of personal growth and development. The Hero’s Journey is a program of self-directed learning as you move through a series of micro-learning Treks.

TIP: although the Hero’s Journey is self-directed, some find it more rewarding if one does it together with a buddy, or small group of peers. This enables you to share your choice of Treks, have dialogues about your progress, and share insights into effective leadership; as well as to learn from one another along the journey.

About the Journey…

Our Hero’s Journey Treks are based on LEADS. Each trek enables you to grow your leadership capacity by traveling through a series of learning episodes that utilize your workplace as a source of learning. Each trek that strengthens your knowledge, skills and capabilities of leadership.

On the map below you will see the various stages of the Hero’s Journey program, and the number of treks associated with each stage.

There are two ways to navigate the journey:

  1. The first is to complete the whole program—starting with the Call to Adventure—in an orchestrated sequence of Treks that when completed, enable you to achieve a LEADS Global certificate.
  2. The second is to pick and choose Treks to complete that suit your own desired developmental needs. You can store completed Treks and LEADS Global will provide formal acknowledgement of achievement through granting of micro-credentials (badges) that can be used to demonstrate skills/abilities that otherwise might not appear on a transcript.

Micro-credits from either approach can be transferred—laddered—as partial credit toward:

  • A Certified Health Executive credential offered by the Canadian College of Health Leaders AND, in the process of negotiation:
  • A Canadian Certified Physician Leader credential offered by the Canadian Society of Physician Leaders
  • A course in the Professional and Continuing Studies program at RRU and eventually into a masters degree if you so wish
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